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Rony Kramer

Film and television actor

A veteran actor, he has played in dozens of motion pictures, television series and commercials and has worked with international directors in productions around the world. Speaks many languages (French, Portuguese, Romanian and more) and specializes in accents.



Gad Elmaleh Stay a little bit

Katia Lebkowitz Why are you crying?

Jean-Luc Godard Our music 

Edward Berger The conclave 

Noah Debra The last of the jews

Serge Le Peron I saw Ben Barka kill


John Mark Saban Joséphine guardian angel

Felix Olivier Jihad

Cesar Benitez The Prince

Jean-Luc Breitenstein Hostages in Baghdad

Joyce Buñuel Sister Thérèse dot com

Arnaud Bedouin Clandestine


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